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Whitening Peeling Toner(100ml)

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Whitening Peeling Toner Double Effect(100ml)

 This is a skin toner containing vegetable ingredients like AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) by 3%, which restores pH balance and tones your skin after cleansing. A peeling agent containing fruit acid naturally removes dead skin cells and restores your young and healthy skin.

In addition, arbutin from bilberry extract inhibits the activation of tyrosinase enzyme and prevents melanin formation or effectively decomposes melanin already generated, exhibiting whitening effect on skin.


* Please use continuously for one month. If the desired effects appear sooner, continue using under “the daily care plan”. When using the product under “the special care plan”, please read and understand usage warnings and directions relating to “Whitening Peeling Toner Double Effect” carefully before use.

1. As the peeling may reduce the thickness of the exfoliating skin cells and increase skin sensitivity to sunlight, please protect your skin from ultraviolet rays when going out by using a sunscreen.

2. Although there can be a difference among individuals, after three days of use, the skin is typically slightly itchy or may suffer from a burning sensation. Though invisible to the naked eye, this means that the dead skin cells are starting to separate and a new layer of skin is being exposed. If the itchiness becomes hard to tolerate, discontinue use of the product for approximately one day and resume use after your skin has returned to normal. During the suspension, instead of the peeling toner, please use “PP Whitening Complex Face Spray”.

3. Skin tone typically brightens after approximately one week of usage. After about 10 days of usage, it is possible to confirm that pores have narrowed. Freckles, spots, and fine lines will become faint. The recommended usage time for the product is approximately one month, but the duration may be adjusted based on individual judgment.

4. This product must not be used on sensitive and delicate children’s skin, as it contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).